Union Bank Transfer Codes: USSD Codes For Balance, Airtime & Transfer

Union Bank Transfer Codes Ussd Codes For Balance Airtime Transfer
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Union Bank Transfer Code For All Transactions, Balance, Airtime & Transfer USSD Codes: Today, you will learn more about how to use all Union Bank transfer codes to carry out several bank transactions without stress.

Are you looking for the best and the easiest way to send money to other banks from your Union Bank account without having to go to the bank? Be rest assured you are on the rightful page.

Here, I will be talking about all the Union Bank transfer codes that you can use to perform as many transactions as possible.

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What is Union Bank Transfer Codes

With the Union Bank transfer code, you can carry out several transactions from your Union Bank account to other banks right on your mobile devices. With this code, nothing is stopping you from carrying out a transaction from your account to other banks.

With or without internet connections, all Union Bank transfer codes work perfectly well on all mobile devices, all you just need to do is to enter the required USSD code on the number that was being used to register your Union Bank accounts.

…that’s all, so simple!

Let’s get started.

All Union Bank transfer codes are much easier to use. These codes are so valuable, most especially if you don’t have a phone that connects to the internet.

Also known as the Union Bank Codes, it can also be used to generate PIN and pay codes for cardless withdrawals from ATMs.

With these codes, you’ll be able to easily check your bank account balance on the go with no stress at all.

Currently, all Nigerian banks have introduced their various mobile banking and provided their designated unique transfer code for all their esteemed customers, making life easy.

All Union Bank transfer codes are now available for all its users across the country. Very fast, much easier for everyone.

Union Bank Transfer Codes Ussd Codes For Balance Airtime Transfer
Photo Credit | https://www.unionbankng.com/

All Union Bank Transfer Codes: Benefits and Features

826 USSD

What can I do with it?

With the 826 USSD Banking, you can…

  1. You can check your bank account balance using this code
  2. You can even open up an account right from your mobile phone
  3. You can as well send money to various banks
  4. With this code, you’ll be able to buy airtime for yourself and others.
  5. You can most definitely save for the future using this code
  6. Your bills can also be paid with this unique code
  7. Buy different birthday and anniversary present
  8. Check account numbers, BVN, and balances
  9. You will be able to generate a PIN and pay code for cardless withdrawal transactions
  10. Carry out all other major transactions

All Union Bank Transfer Codes: How to Register?

You have to complete the registration before you can make use of the Union Bank transfer code. Fortunately, this can be easily completed without the need of going to the bank.

You must have an account with Union Bank to be able to use this code, before proceeding with the offline registration.

This is free to register. All you need to do is the dial, *826# and complete the registration.

You see, it’s that easy.

How to Create a Union Bank Transfer Pin?

You need to be aware that without making use of the 4-digits transfer pin, the Union Bank Transfer code cannot be completed. This pin is so very essential. When you want to complete a transaction, the pin is always requested.

To create the Union Bank transfer pin, simply dial *826*5# on your mobile device.

Please, do ensure you create the 4-digits transaction pin that you will find very easy to remember. For instance, you should make your ATM withdrawal pin also your transaction pin.

From Your Union Bank Account to Other Banks: How to Transfer Money

You can simply dial *826*2*amount*account number# to transfer money from your Union Bank Account to another bank

To transfer money from your Union Bank Account to another UBN account, you can dial *826*1*amount*account number#

Buying airtime with the Union Bank transfer code?

To buy airtime using your Union Bank transfer code, dial *826*amount#

To check if the transaction was successful, a pop-up message will appear on your phone screen and an SMS notification sent automatically to your phone number registered with the Bank.

Other Useful Union Bank USSD Codes:

Check Balance

Airtime Purchase (self)

Airtime Purchase (third party)
*826*Amount*3rd Party Mobile Number#

Bills Payment
*826*28*Amount*User ID#

Data Capture After Enrollment
*826*3*Account Number#

Card Management (Block and Unblock Card)

Cardless Withdrawal

Quick Information About Union Bank of Nigeria

Union Bank Transfer Codes Ussd Codes For Balance Airtime Transfer
Photo Credit | https://www.unionbankng.com/

Union Bank is one of Nigeria’s most trusted and reliable partners. Union Bank makes lives better by delivering the smartest and simplest, solutions while guaranteeing the best experience every time.

Established in 1917, Union Bank is one of Nigeria’s most respected and long-standing financial institutions, offering several banking services to individuals, commercial and corporate clients as well as SMEs.

With a huge geographical network comprising more than 293 service centers across Nigeria, Union Bank of Nigeria remained committed to helping businesses, individuals, and families grow for nearly a century.

Committed to being recognized as the most reliable and trusted partner in Nigeria, Union Bank’s ambition stands on successfully delivering against six strategic pillars which include: client base, quality of their customer experience, talent, professional standards, banking platforms, and earnings.

Aggressive execution of their strategy is underway, which leverages a robust transformation team focused mainly on people, technology, and processes.

In Conclusion

All Union Bank transfer codes make banking a lot easier and more fun for everyone. Without the need of going to the bank, you can carry out several transactions.
This is 100% safe.
Do ensure to guide your transfer pin well.

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