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How To Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen” (Simple Trick)

How To Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen”: If you go to the settings of your WhatsApp right now, you will see that the option “Last seen” or “Last time” can only be configured in three ways: everyone, no one or just your contacts. However, in the most recent beta version of WhatsApp, a fourth option has been added that will give you more control over who can see the last time you used WhatsApp.

The new option is called My contacts except. As you can guess, this option will allow you to hide the “Last Seen” status from specific contacts on WhatsApp. At the moment, only some beta testers can access this new function, so if you use the normal version of WhatsApp, it will not appear for you. However, it is expected to reach everyone in the coming weeks.

How To Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen” From Your Contact?

To hide your WhatsApp last seen just follow the step below;

Choosing the option not to show the “Last Seen” status to anyone is not a good solution so that certain people cannot see that you have connected. By doing that, WhatsApp will not let you see the last connection time of your contacts that do show it.

How To Hide Whatsapp Last Seen Simple Trick
How To Hide Whatsapp Last Seen Simple Trick

That’s why the new “My contacts except” option are great for us. It lets you share this status with the vast majority of your friends and family, but excluding the people, you definitely don’t want to know that you are on WhatsApp for whatever reason. Do you want to activate it? How to do it:

  • Go to WhatsApp.
  • Touch the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Enter Privacy.
  • Tap Last time. once.
  • Tap My contacts except.
  • Now choose the contacts that you don’t want to see your last connection time.

This new option was found in the beta version of WhatsApp. Of course, even if you install this version on your mobile with an APK, it will surely not come out because it requires a server-side activation. That is, WhatsApp must activate the option specifically on your mobile. Anyway, you can try. Maybe you are lucky.

In any case, although the messaging app has not said anything about it, it is most likely that this function will end up reaching all WhatsApp users in the course of the next few weeks (or months). So keep the app up-to-date to be one of the first to hide “Last Seen” from your chosen contacts.

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Don’t Use GBWhatsApp! WhatsApp Will Suspend You For Life

Of all the WhatsApp mods out there, there is one that has become very popular in recent months and that is GBWhatsAppThis modified version of WhatsApp allows you to use two accounts at the same time, hide the double check and your last connection, download statuses, deactivate calls, block your chats with a password and enjoy many other functions that the official app does not have.

Dont Use Gbwhatsapp Whatsapp Will Suspend You For Life
Don’t Use Gbwhatsapp Whatsapp Will Suspend You For Life

But being able to use these cool features carries a huge risk: your WhatsApp account can be permanently banned for using GBWhatsApp instead of the official app. This is not something new, because in the past WhatsApp has already suspended accounts for using mods. However, now WhatsApp has released a warning directly targeting GBWhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Warns: It Will Ban Your Account For Using GBWhatsApp Or Another Mod

Some GBWhatsApp users have received the following warning from WhatsApp :

Do not try to send bulk messages, automatic messages, or automatic calls through WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses both machine learning technology and user reporting to detect and ban accounts that send spam messages. This includes the systematic contact of users in ways they do not want. Also, do not create accounts or groups in an unauthorized or automated way, or use modified versions of WhatsApp

Also, in its FAQ section, WhatsApp says the following:

Unsupported applications, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or those that claim to be able to move your WhatsApp chats from one phone to another, are altered versions of WhatsApp. These unofficial applications are developed by third parties and violate our Terms of Service. WhatsApp does not endorse the use of these third-party applications because it is not possible to validate their security practices.

Dont Use Gbwhatsapp Whatsapp Will Suspend You For Life
Don’t Use Gbwhatsapp Whatsapp Will Suspend You For Life

In short, WhatsApp does not want you to use its platform in unforeseen ways, so you should not use any type of application that modifies the original app. This includes GBWhatsApp and all other WhatsApp mods.

If WhatsApp systems catch you using a mod, your account will be banned instantly and forever. You can only use WhatsApp again with a new phone number.

Banning Is Not The Only Risk: You Can Also Be Hacked

Mods are not entirely legal applications, so they are not distributed in official stores (Google Play Store). To download a mod like GBWhatsApp you must go to the Internet and download its APK from an unknown web page.

This allows hackers and any malicious person to inject these malware mods to damage your phone, steal your WhatsApp account or spy on your mobile, and post them on their seemingly harmless website. Therefore, we do not recommend downloading or using WhatsApp mods.

If you already use one of these mods, here is a tutorial on how to return from GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus to the official app. It also works with other WhatsApp mods.

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How To Make WhatsApp Web Work When Your Phone Is not Connected To The Internet

WhatsApp has launched new features on its platform. In fact, just as WhatsApp will allow you to delete a message no matter when you send it, now it will also allow you to use WhatsApp Web without the need for your mobile to be connected to the Internet. You can even use WhatsApp Web when your mobile has run out of battery and also sign in on multiple devices.

How Does The Multi-Device Mode Of WhatsApp Work?

The fact that you can use the web version of WhatsApp independently of the mobile version of the app was something that users of the app had been asking for several months. This WhatsApp function is called the multi-device mode and it has already started to be launched for all users of the app.

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The multi-device mode will not only allow you to send messages from your computer directly to its receiver, but it will also allow you to use WhatsApp on 4 devices. Of course, currently, the multi-device mode is only compatible with Android, iOS, and computers with the web version of the app.

In addition, it is currently not possible to use a WhatsApp account on several mobile devices, so you will have to use the app on a mobile and 3 computers with the web version of the app. Either way, it is possible that WhatsApp will be able to be used on various mobile devices in the near future.

How Make Whatsapp Web Work When Your Phone Is Not Connected To The Internet
How to Make Whatsapp Web Work When Your Phone Is Not Connected To The Internet

How To Activate The Multi-Device Mode In WhatsApp?

To activate the multi-device mode and send messages from WhatsApp Web even when your mobile does not have Internet, you just have to open WhatsApp Web normally. So, if you want to activate the multi-device mode, you just have to do the following:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app.
  2. Select the 3 dots in the upper right.
  3. Tap on “Linked Devices.”
  4. Tap on “Pair a device.”
  5. Open WhatsApp Web.
  6. Scan the QR code that appears on WhatsApp Web with your mobile.

Once this is done, you can use WhatsApp Web normally. Keep in mind that if the web and mobile versions of WhatsApp work independently, your conversations and the content you receive will continue to synchronize. In fact, the messages you send from WhatsApp Web will be sent directly to the receiver, but it will also back up the message on your mobile phone.

This means that your mobile will no longer be an intermediary between the messages you send on WhatsApp Web and their recipient. Undoubtedly WhatsApp is working to improve its platform and the multi-device mode is an example of this. What’s more, WhatsApp will soon allow you to pause the voice memos that you are recording and this app will be even more interesting.

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How To Create A Virtual Number To Use On WhatsApp

WhatsApp, unlike other instant messaging applications, before you can use the service, you have to link with a phone number. But it is not strictly that we should have a SIM card associated with a phone number because we can get a free virtual number and with it, we can create a WhatsApp account. Is very good to have a secondary WhatsApp account, for example, or to differentiate a WhatsApp for work use and another for personal use only.

How To Create A Virtual Number?

To create a virtual number is something that takes years making because, although now perhaps WhatsApp is the key to having an interest therein, verification through phone number has spent years there.

And there are users who are concerned about having to use their real phone number to sign up for certain online services. In the case of WhatsApp, as we mentioned, creating a virtual number does not serve to create a secondary WhatsApp account or for other things. For example, create a WhatsApp account independent of our number, so that we can talk through the instant messaging service without being able to call us.

How to get a virtual phone number to create a WhatsApp account there are dozens of applications that allow us to get a virtual phone number to create our WhatsApp account on both Android and iPhone mobile devices. And each of them has its peculiarities, but basically, they work exactly the same way. The one we have chosen is Hushed, In which you can download in the corresponding links at the end of this article, and with it, we can create our virtual number by following the instruction provided below.

Creating A Virtual Number

After downloading and installing the application, open it on your mobile device and click on Start. Now you will have to click on Register and use your email address and a password here. Access permissions to the microphone and others will be requested, but you can deny them if you are not going to use this application to communicate through it. Next, you will simply have to click on the Get new number button and then choose from the list the country of the virtual number that you are going to create, taking into account that not all services – Voice, SMS, and MMS are available for virtual numbers of all countries. Configuring the virtual number In addition to choosing the country of the virtual number
You can also choose in some cases the type of line we are interested in selecting Mobile because it is the one that offers all the services in full. And lastly, we can also select the area, which will be what determines the prefix of the numbering of our virtual line to create the WhatsApp account. And once this is done, an extensive list will appear from which we can choose the phone number that we like the most and that, for example, you can choose a number that can be easy to remember.

Choosing A Plan For The Virtual Number

Maintaining a virtual number has a cost, how could it be otherwise, and that is what the plans consist of. For $ 3.99 per month, But we also have an unlimited plan, for example, depending on the selected country we may have to choose an international rate. Actually, what interests us is not the SMS that you let us send, or the minutes of calls that we can consume, but to have the virtual line to be able to receive the confirmation SMS when registering in WhatsApp, or to receive calls for verification with this method.

How To Create A WhatsApp Account With A Virtual Number

When we have our virtual number created and working, it will work like a conventional telephone line. The little difference is that it will always have to be managed through this application and we will not be able, for example, to use the normal Phone app for it(eg Dailer, Contact).
Be that as it may, we can create a WhatsApp account with a virtual phone number despite the limitations they have, and the way to proceed is as simple as it would be with a conventional phone number.

it will ask us for a phone number to register the account. We will enter the virtual number that we have just created and, obviously, we will take into account the prefix to be used according to the country of the phone number created because by default WhatsApp will use the prefix of our real country. Once this is done, and accepted,  WhatsApp will automatically send a verification SMS message to that line, and we should find it in the Hushed application; if so, just enter it and verify the account creation.

If the SMS does not appear, then we would have to wait for the counter to reach 00:00 and, at that moment, request the verification by call. When doing so, they will call us at the telephone number of our virtual line and they will dictate a numerical code. This numerical code is entered in WhatsApp and from then on the account registration will be confirmed with our virtual telephone number.