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How To Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen” (Simple Trick)

How To Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen”: If you go to the settings of your WhatsApp right now, you will see that the option “Last seen” or “Last time” can only be configured in three ways: everyone, no one or just your contacts. However, in the most recent beta version of WhatsApp, a fourth option has been added that will give you more control over who can see the last time you used WhatsApp.

The new option is called My contacts except. As you can guess, this option will allow you to hide the “Last Seen” status from specific contacts on WhatsApp. At the moment, only some beta testers can access this new function, so if you use the normal version of WhatsApp, it will not appear for you. However, it is expected to reach everyone in the coming weeks.

How To Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen” From Your Contact?

To hide your WhatsApp last seen just follow the step below;

Choosing the option not to show the “Last Seen” status to anyone is not a good solution so that certain people cannot see that you have connected. By doing that, WhatsApp will not let you see the last connection time of your contacts that do show it.

How To Hide Whatsapp Last Seen Simple Trick
How To Hide Whatsapp Last Seen Simple Trick

That’s why the new “My contacts except” option are great for us. It lets you share this status with the vast majority of your friends and family, but excluding the people, you definitely don’t want to know that you are on WhatsApp for whatever reason. Do you want to activate it? How to do it:

  • Go to WhatsApp.
  • Touch the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Enter Privacy.
  • Tap Last time. once.
  • Tap My contacts except.
  • Now choose the contacts that you don’t want to see your last connection time.

This new option was found in the beta version of WhatsApp. Of course, even if you install this version on your mobile with an APK, it will surely not come out because it requires a server-side activation. That is, WhatsApp must activate the option specifically on your mobile. Anyway, you can try. Maybe you are lucky.

In any case, although the messaging app has not said anything about it, it is most likely that this function will end up reaching all WhatsApp users in the course of the next few weeks (or months). So keep the app up-to-date to be one of the first to hide “Last Seen” from your chosen contacts.

Source: WABetaInfo