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How To Add A Photo To A TikTok Video

Many think that TikTok is a social network where only “basic” videos are uploaded, something totally false since the app has many effects and functions that allow you to edit videos in an almost professional way.

One of those effects that make this platform “unique” is the one that allows you to add an image to a TikTok video. If you are interested in knowing how to use it, from here we want to tell you that you are in the right place, why? For the simple reason that we will show you step by step how to do this without downloading apps to edit videos.

How To Add An Image To A TikTok Video?

Before we show you the tutorial you have to do, it is important to clarify that TikTok only recognizes photos in the following formats: JPEG, JPG, and PNG. If you have photos in other formats, you must download an image converter on your mobile.

  • The first thing you have to do is open the TikTok app.
  • Once inside the video social network, you must click on the “+” icon that appears at the bottom in the center of the screen.
  • Inside the TikTok camera, you must click on the option that says “Effects” (bottom left of the screen).
  • Browse through the effect categories and look for the option that says “Green Screen” Once found, click on it.
  • Therefore, you will have to choose the effect you want to use. It is essential that you select those filters that have the shape of a photo, that is, they should not have the “Play” button inside the icon.
  • Having selected the desired effect, you must upload the photo that you want to appear in the TikTok video.
  • Adjust the photo according to your preferences (you can increase its size or change its position). With the photo already “edited”, you will have to record or upload a video.
  • Then, you must click on the red popcorn.
  • Hit the button that says “Next“.
  • And finally, click on “Post” so that the video will be uploaded to your TikTok profile.

With nothing else to add, we recommend that you close all the apps that you have open on your mobile when using green screen effects. These types of filters consume a lot of RAM memory, therefore, if you have a low-end mobile the app could present errors.