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Top 5 Android Apps That Teach Yoga From Home

Practicing yoga is an art that we should all know, which helps to keep the mind and body active. Fortunately, that is something that can be achieved from home using nothing more than an Android mobile phone.

A group of these types of applications stands out from the crowd, so this time you will see the 5 most complete apps to practice yoga from home.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga has been awarded as “The Best Yoga App“, including some other outstanding nominations within Google Play.

You can learn more than 500 positions or “asanas”, plus another 500 sessions mixed between yoga, meditation, and Pilates. All this will be seen in personalized images, where they will teach you the process to carry out everything correctly.

You can get Daily Yoga for free for 7 days, and if you like the idea of ​​continuing with it, there is the option of paying just under 12 dollars per month.

Keep Yoga

If you are looking for a good app to lose weight, meditate deeply, and practice yoga with good technique, then Keep Yoga is for you. It is designed to help with the physical and mental health of its users, allowing them to sleep better, have more energy on a day-to-day basis, lose weight, etc.

It consists of 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, in which you can exploit the 7 meditation courses available, more than 400 asanas, and also very complete practice sessions.

The good thing about Keep Yoga is that it can be downloaded totally free, although to unlock some functions you will have to pay.

Simply Yoga

This is another great app that fulfills the role of a personal yoga trainer, providing yoga classes via streaming, as well as up to 6 level 1 lesson for most beginners.

Simply Yoga Mobile App
5 Android Apps That Teach Yoga From Home

Their routines range from 20 minutes to a full hour, so they can be quite profound. Despite having a less professional interface, and with a lower content index than previous apps, Simply Yoga is a very good option to enter the world of yoga.

As for the more advanced users, there is a paid version of the application that does include specialized routines, the content agenda to the maximum, and the availability of access to level 2.

Yoga To Burn Fat In 30 Days & Beginners

Is still one of the best options to balance exercise and yoga from home.

It has a good and attractive interface, as well as several training sessions. These are designed to burn fat and lose weight while practicing, especially the best Hatha and Kundalini poses.

Yoga For Beginners, Asana

Last but not least, we came across this application developed by the Leap fitness group team, a working group that has a lot of experience in terms of physical performance apps.

As the name suggests, it shows easy and simple yoga programs for beginners to follow, with the ultimate goal of losing weight in 30 days. There will be more than 100 postures and the possibility of establishing personalized sessions, according to the type of training you need.

It is a more than valid tool for any fan of yoga. It can be obtained for free, although as in all previous apps, you will have to make purchases inside, to unlock all its functions.