Overcoming The Decrease In Blog Traffic Due To The Google Core Algorithm

Overcoming The Decrease In Blog Traffic Due To The Google Core Algorithm
Overcoming The Decrease In Blog Traffic Due To The Google Core Algorithm

If you have ever experienced a decrease in traffic on your blog, one of the reasons may be because the effects of being affected by Google Core. Therefore, it’s a good idea for you to read more about How to Overcome the following Google Core Algorithm Update.

About 3 months ago, Google make some statements in which it confirmed that it was updating the Google Core algorithm.

Google has confirmed the rumors that its search algorithm update took place a few months ago. The existence of these algorithm updates inevitably makes some sites even experience an increase in ranking in search engines or vice versa, even experiencing a decrease in traffic which clearly has a negative impact.

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You need to know, that basically Google always makes improvements in various lines. Every time Google makes an update, there will definitely be positive and negative impacts on one or more changes whose goal is of course to improve results with a high level of relevance.

Some are focused on specific fixes. In fact, if you look at the impact it causes.

As I said above, this week, Google is releasing a Core algorithm update. Gradually, Google does it several times on a regular basis each year.

This has been clearly confirmed by Google through a post on Twitter that it is releasing a “Core algorithm update” since Monday. Google clearly says updates are “routine” “all year round” and is being referenced to follow up on previous Core updates.

Google also explains that the real impact of this annual Core search update is that some websites may be affected, either deindexing or simply ranking down. Last week Google’s top-ranking, this week could be a free fall.

In general, Google says to continue to improve the overall quality of your site, and next time Google will continue to work consistently on this update.

The following is Google’s statement regarding the Google Core update that I have conveyed above:

On Monday, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we routinely do throughout the year. For background and advice about these, see our tweet from last month.

As with any update release event, some sites may experience harm or benefit. There is nothing wrong with the web page you currently have. Please observe the changes and make improvements immediately.

How to Overcome Decrease in Blog Traffic Because Of Google Core Algorithm

The following are some tips for overcoming Google Core algorithm updates:

  • Stay focused on fixing bad content
  • Create content that is fresher and has good quality
  • Avoid creating content with a small number of characters
  • Avoid black hat SEO
  • Remove low-quality backlinks
  • Use responsive design/mobile-friendly templates

The tips for overcoming the Core Algorithm update above are in accordance with what I understand, based on the nature of the original purpose for which the Google algorithm was created. If you think the tips are too simple, then that’s what I know. You can look for other references. The more you read, the more benefits you will get.

At least that’s some summary of Overcoming the Decrease in Blog Traffic Due to the Google Core Algorithm. Hopefully useful and greetings.

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