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5 Best “Squid Game” Video Games For Android

If you loved the most-watched series in Netflix history, you can’t miss this note. Here we are going to show you 5 video games of “The Squid Game“, totally free titles that you can install and play on your Android mobile phone.

The best squid game video games for Android

Before we show you the list of video games that you can download from the Google Play Store, it is important to clarify that you do not need to have Roblox installed on your mobile , since they are all games that have been created for Android (independent).

Squid Game Challenge

If we put this video game first on the list, it is because it undoubtedly deserves it. It is the best squid game video game that can be found in the Google Play Store.

Unlike the rest of the options that you can see here, this title includes all the games that appear in the popular Netflix series.

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Of course, forget about playing with your friends in Squid Game Challenge, because this video game, unlike the others, only has one game mode: local (it does not have multiplayer).

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Squid Game

The only thing that interests you is to play the famous “Red Light, Green Light”? If your answer is “yes”, this is the game you should download on your Android mobile device.

In short, we can say that it is the simplest video game in terms of controls. In addition, it has a multiplayer mode, so you will have to face other people in real-time to be the winner.

Squid Game 3D

With better graphics and more realistic movements, Squid Game 3D perfectly emulates the popular game “Red Light, Green Light” from the Netflix series “The Squid Game”.

Unlike the rest of the video games that we show you here, in Squid Game 3D it is essential to have a mid-range Android terminal.

Several users reported that the title works quite poorly on low-end mobile phones, so it is recommended to have a device with at least 3 GB of RAM to be able to run it correctly.

Squid Game – Battle Royale

Fun, colorful and innovative, these are the three words that define Squid Game – Battle Royale. If you are looking for a game where only the best can win, this is the title you should download on your phone.

All games are against other people online, as this game does not have an “offline” mode. Of course, there are some levels that have nothing to do with the Netflix original series, so you will have to try to pass them over and over again to “decipher” some kind of strategy that works for you.

Squid Game – Survival

With a large number of positive reviews on the Google Play Store, this video game related to the world of “The Squid Game” has managed to obtain thousands of downloads in a few days.

What makes it unique is not its playability or its graphic quality, it is the amount of blood that is observed in each of the games. In other words, it is a true copy of the “gore” content that can be seen in the Netflix series.

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